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UDDI - Yellow pages
"ICAM-SUPER", JSC: Trade of furniture and elements of interior decoration phone:(0422) 272371
Address: 65 Tigin St., Chisinau, Moldova, MD-2001
GASPROMBANK, JOINT STOCK COMMERCIAL BANK: Banking services phone:(042233) 51942
Address: 297-A Karl Liebkneht St., Tiraspol, Moldova, MD-3318
"MODUS VIVENDI", LLC, LABORATORY MEDICAL CENTRE: Medical and diagnistic centres. Polyclinics phone:(0422) 556561
Address: 93 Buberista St., Chisinau, Moldova, MD-2062
"AD-HOC", LLC, COMMERCIAL AND PRODUCTION FIRM: Trade of computer engineering, office equipment and communication facilities phone:(042231) 29575
Address: 79 Khotin St., Balti, Moldova, MD-3121
"MEZON", PRODUCTION ASSOCIATION: Electronic engineering and componentry phone:(0422) 445366
Address: 21 Moskova Boul., Chisinau, Moldova, MD-2068
DAC-SPECTROMED, LTD: Production diagnostic kits and reagents for clinical laboratory tests phone:(+373-2) 739961
Address: 20 Testimitsanu St., Chisinau, Moldova, MD-2025
"LA VIKTOR", ELITE CLUB: Restaurants, bars, cafe. Casino. Disco phone:(0422) 229165
Address: 55 Mikhay Eminesku St., Chisinau, Moldova, MD-2012
"SADICOVA SIN-KS", PRIVATE ENTREPRENEUR: Advertising agency phone:(0422) 234238
Address: of. 4, 20 Bucuresht St., Chisinau, Moldova, MD-2012
"TOPAZ", JSC, PLANT: General industrial engineering phone:(0422) 741720
Address: 1 Kantemir Sq., Chisinau, Moldova, MD-2004
"GLIA DROCHIA", PERIODICAL: Periodicals phone:(042252) 22909
Address: 15 Independentsy St., Drochia, Moldova, MD-5202
"METRO WEB", LLC, "ART-METRO", INTERNET AGENCY: Advertising agency phone:(0422) 522228
Address: of. 80, 82/2 Dechebal Boul., Chisinau, Moldova, MD-2038
"KOMPASS MOLDOVA", JSC: Information about moldova enterprises phone:(3732) 567281
Address: of. 307, 15 Sarmizedzhetus St., Chisinau, Moldova
"DALILA": Medical centre phone:(3732) 534190
Address: 5v Dachia Boul., Chisinau, Moldova
"VIMEX", LLC: Trade of medicines phone:(0422) 563324
Address: 43 Titulesku St., Chisinau, Moldova, MD-2032
"GYNE SOURCE": Medical centre phone:(3732) 723487
Address: 37 G.Kashu St., Chisinau, Moldova
BASAVIN & CO: Alcoholic production phone:(3732) 22-12-91
Address: 40 M.Eminesku St., Chisinau, Moldova
ROCARO SRL MOLDO-ROMANA I M: Building and redecoration services phone:(3732) 75-87-89
Address: Chisinau, Moldova
"GARANT-SERVICE": Trade of alcoholic drinks phone:(37366) 20-2-09
Address: 193 Kirov St., Camenca, Moldova
"AGRODORMA", LLC: Export of fodder corn phone:(37331) 20-1-84
Address: 20 31-Avgusta St., Balti, Moldova
"MOLDTELECOM": Telephone communication. phone:(250) 2-23-70
Address: 25 31-Avgusta St., Floresti, Moldova
"CORRECT": Legal services phone:(3732) 21-28-80
Address: 53a Benulesku Bodoni St., Chisinau, Moldova
"SADIKOVA SIN-X I.P.": Advertising agencies phone:(0422) 23-42-38
Address: Of. 4, 20 Bukuresht St., Chisinau, Moldova, MD-2001
"UNIROYAL CHEMICAL": Representative services phone:(3732) 24-81-60
Address: 162 Shtefan chel Mare St., Chisinau, Moldova
"MOLDPAC": Development of network of data transmission Moldpac in Moldova phone:(3732) 54-25-44
Address: Of. 517, 65 Tigin St., Chisinau, Moldova, 2001
"CRICOVA-ACOREX", JSC: Trade of alcoholic drinks phone:(3732) 24-27-53
Address: 45 Benulesku Bodoni St., Chisinau, Moldova
"CODRU-ST", LLC: Trade of agricultural production phone:(3732) 21-22-39
Address: Of. 106, 67 Bukuresht St., Chisinau, Moldova
INSTITUTE OF SOCIOPOLITICAL RESEARCHES: Researches in field of political science phone:(3732) 27-67-86
Address: 28 Bulgare St., Chisinau, Moldova
DILASTOFLEX: Manufacture of foam-rubber phone:(3732) 47-62-61
Address: Chisinau, Moldova
"CORANCOR", LLC: Trade of glass phone:(3732) 47-68-48
Address: 12 Meshterul Manole St., Chisinau, Moldova
"ELCON": Industrial electric engineering phone:(3732) 73-90-51
Address: 3 Akademy St., Chisinau, Moldova
"DECA-PRESS": Polygraphic services phone:(37331) 61-6-11
Address: Of. 44, 33 Independentsia St., Balti, Moldova
"MTS", LLC: Trade of furniture phone:(3732) 76-68-52
Address: 2 Independentsia St., Chisinau, Moldova
"SMART CONSULTING", LLC: Consulting services phone:(3732) 51-66-74
Address: 3 Tolstoy St., Chisinau, Moldova
"JUCARIE", LLC: Manufacture of products from plastic and caoutchouc phone:(3732) 52-89-75
Address: 33 Sarmizedzhetus St., Chisinau, Moldova
"UNIBANK", JSC: Banking services phone:(3732) 22-55-86
Address: 45 Benulesku Bodoni St., Chisinau, Moldova
"TIOMA": Tourist services phone:(3732) 48-16-02
Address: Of. 33, 7 Igor Vieru St., Chisinau, Moldova
MOSCOW ACADEMY OF ECONOMY AND LAW: Higher economic education phone:(37333) 27-3-80
Address: Tiraspol, Moldova
"MOPISAN MOTORS": Trade of automobiles phone:(3732) 43-98-20
Address: 18 Dimo St., Chisinau, Moldova
DUMIX-PRO S.R.L: Manufacture, trade of wood and wooden products phone:(3732)
Address: Chisinau, Moldova
"CONFARM", LLC: Manufacture and wholesale trade of medicines phone:(3732) 44-03-71
Address: Of. 314, 5 Miron Kostin St., Chisinau, Moldova
"RAMAYANA", LLC: Trade of foodstuff phone:(3732) 24-60-40
Address: 21 Petrikan St., Chisinau, Moldova
"MEGA LABORATORY", JSC: Manufacture of equipment of data transmission phone:(3732) 24-21-22
Address: Chisinau, Moldova
"OXANA-TIS", LLC: Trade of clothes phone:(3732) 21-28-94
Address: 1 Florilor St., Chisinau, Moldova
"INTOMEG-TOUR": Tourist services phone:(3732) 27-63-64
Address: Of. 415, 65 Tigin St., Chisinau, Moldova
"AUDIT-GROUP", LLC: Legal services phone:(3732) 43-82-31
Address: 7 Miron Kostin St., Chisinau, Moldova
"AMDENT-BV", LLC: Stomatology phone:(3732) 73-36-66
Address: 20 Testimitsanu St., Chisinau, Moldova
"RAKURS", LLC: Trade of computers and componentry phone:(3732) 43-81-54
Address: 7 Miron Kostin St., Chisinau, Moldova
SUPPLY AND DEMAND: Information services phone:(37331) 28-1-40
Address: 20 31-Avgusta St., Balti, Moldova
"INCREDERE DNM", LLC: Medical activity phone:(3732) 52-03-86
Address: 2 Tigin St., Chisinau, Moldova
"PRODSTROYSERVICE", LLC: Trade of foodstuff phone:(37333) 45-0-62
Address: 23 Zarechnaya St., Slobozia, Moldova
"FIP": Investment services phone:(373) 9554707
Address: Chisinau, Moldova
"ORACAL PLAST", LLC: Advertising activity phone:(3732) 23-21-85
Address: 103 Shtefan chel Mare St., Chisinau, Moldova
TIR-EXPEDITIE SRL: Cargo transportations phone:(3732) 21-26-70
Address: Chisinau, Moldova
ITIA-SPED INTERNATIONAL: Motor cargo transportations phone:(373-2) 43-83-41
Address: Of. 514, 7 M.Kostin St., Chisinau, Moldova
"ITALY-MOLDOVA": International organizations phone:(3732) 23-25-73
Address: Of. 901, 4 Anton Pann St., Chisinau, Moldova
"BRIVET", LLC: Advertising activity phone:(3732) 54-30-49
Address: Of. 345, 7 Negrutstsi St., Chisinau, Moldova
"KSO-3", LLC: Industrial organization phone:(3732) 29-29-28
Address: Chisinau, Moldova
"DUMINICA": Periodicals phone:(373-59) 20-5-39
Address: 17 T.Chobanu St., Falesti, Moldova
"BUGVIS": Cargo transportations phone:(0422) 75-84-01
Address: Chisinau, Moldova
MOLDAVIAN METAL WORKS, PRIVATE COMPANY: Enterprise of ferrous metallurgy phone:(37355) 20-3-37
Address: 1 Industrialnaya St., Ribnita, Moldova, 5500
"NICANOR ZAPLITNII": Cargo transportations phone:(37331) 60-2-70
Address: Of. 6, 47 Pushkin St., Balti, Moldova
"AMBM": Assistance to small business in Moldova phone:(3732) 24-52-11
Address: 59 Banulesku Badini St., Chisinau, Moldova
"DISCUS": We accept applications for delivery of preservation and juices of Moldova manufacture phone:(3732) 27-05-59
Address: Chisinau, Moldova
"INTERNET MOLDOVA", LLC: Internet services phone:(3732) 22-80-01
Address: 111 V.Alexandri St., Chisinau, Moldova
"BASWOOL", JSC: Manufacture of clothes phone:(3732) 47-37-33
Address: 206 Uzinelor St., Chisinau, Moldova
"DESCRIM", LLC: Security services and protection phone:(3732) 44-50-60
Address: 14 Moskovka St., Chisinau, Moldova
"FIOLEN": Trade of foodstuff phone:(3732) 54-65-40
Address: 6 Shtefan chel Mare St., Chisinau, Moldova
"AGEFIN-AUDIT", LLC: Program systems for automation of business accounting phone:(3732) 27-04-89
Address: 55 Armenyaske St., Chisinau, Moldova
"AMOTEC", LLC: Poured microwires in glass insulation phone:(3732) 73-13-59
Address: Of. 411, 5 Mioritsa St., Chisinau, Moldova
"AVENSIS-TRADE", LLC: Trading centre phone:(373 33) 27182
Address: 18 Poletsky St., Tiraspol, Moldova, MD-3300
"APARAT-SERVICE", LLC: Trade of building materials phone:(3732) 47-53-80
Address: 17 Avram Yanku St., Chisinau, Moldova
"CROSCOLOR", LLC: Trade of building materials phone:(3732) 58-20-46
Address: 29 Ioan Radu St., Chisinau, Moldova
"TURCAN-TURCAN": Management consulting, business planning. Marketing researches phone:(3732) 21-20-31
Address: 67 Bukuresht St., Chisinau, Moldova
Address: Of. 327, 45 M.Benulesku Bodoni St., Chisinau, Moldova, MD-2012
"ANTICOR", JSC: Paintwork products phone:(3732) 74-25-81
Address: 62 Tudor Vladimiresku St., Chisinau, Moldova
"VITES-TRANS": Motor cargo transportations phone:(3732) 43-86-59
Address: Chisinau, Moldova
"DANA-ROZMARITSA": Cargo and passenger transportations phone:(3732) 27-61-27
Address: 75 Alba-Yulia St., Chisinau, Moldova
"SOLOMON": Legal services phone:(3732) 27-87-42
Address: Of. 112, 55 Armenyaske St., Chisinau, Moldova
PROGRAM OF COMPUTER TRAINING AND ACCESS IN INTERNET: Training to information technologies phone:(3732) 22-52-72
Address: 65 Kogelnichanu St., Chisinau, Moldova
"ELECTROMACHINA", LLC: Manufacture of clothes washers phone:(3732) 22-05-28
Address: 77 Petru Raresh St., Chisinau, Moldova
"MADINA", LLC: Trade of tinned production phone:(3732) 22-16-88
Address: Of. 335, 65 Metropolitan Varlaam St., Chisinau, Moldova
"PRO-BIZNET": Centre of support of business phone:(04231) 29-3-36
Address: 20B 31-Avgusta St., Balti, Moldova, 3100
"CATRACOM", LLC: Extraction and processing of nonmetallic materials phone:(3732) 49-83-13
Address: 23 Andrey Doga St., Chisinau, Moldova
"BIENESTAR", JSC: Manufacture of building materials phone:(3732) 76-89-95
Address: 193 Grenoblya St., Chisinau, Moldova
"TRANSDEC", LLC: Customs declaration and registration of cargoes phone:(3732) 53-15-67
Address: 49 Dachia St., Chisinau, Moldova
"CITRATEX", LLC: Trade of computers and componentry phone:(3732) 24-79-94
Address: 10 Petru Movile St., Chisinau, Moldova
GLUSHKOV-EXPEDITION: Cargo transportations phone:(37333) 36-4-03
Address: Tiraspol, Moldova
DEPARTMENT OF STANDARDIZATION AND METROLOGY: Test and certification of production phone:(3732) 74-85-88
Address: 28 E.Koka St., Chisinau, Moldova
"VEDOMPLEX", LLC: Trade of Venetian blind phone:(3732) 34-76-27
Address: 100 Vadul luy Vode St., Chisinau, Moldova
RAILWAY OF MOLDOVA: Cargo and passenger transportations phone:(3732) 25-44-00
Address: 48 Vlaiku Pyrkelab St., Chisinau, Moldova
"TOSLA-TEC", LLC: Trade of building materials phone:(37333) 24-6-94
Address: 15v Chapaev St., Tiraspol, Moldova
"DEDUCTIE": Legal services phone:(3732) 27-80-14
Address: 69 Shtefan chel Mare St., Chisinau, Moldova
"AIRAUTO", LLC: Trade of autospare parts phone:(3732) 21-35-90
Address: 9 Veronika Mikle St., Falesti, Moldova
"SAGITTA-MORARU": Manufacture of furniture phone:(3732) 73-95-64
Address: 71 G.Asaki St., Falesti, Moldova
"BASF": Trade of chemicals phone:(3732) 24-32-81
Address: Of. 318, 6 Kosmonautsilor St., Falesti, Moldova
"CODRU": Hotel phone:(3732) 20-81-02
Address: 127 31-Avgusta St., Chisinau, Moldova
"MOLDELECTROMONTAZH", JSC: Installation work phone:(3732) 47-16-81
Address: 64 Uzinelor St., Falesti, Moldova
"INFINA", JSC: Trade of chemicals phone:(3732) 54-10-05
Address: 61 Armenyaske St., Falesti, Moldova
"ANESTO-TOUR", LLC: Tourist services phone:(3732) 57-85-88
Address: 7 Negrutstsi St., Falesti, Moldova
"COMTEX", JSC: Services of communications facilities phone:(3732) 74-88-66
Address: 6 Ion Kryange St., Falesti, Moldova
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