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UDDI - Yellow pages
"LIDIVOS APSAUGA", LLC: Security services phone:(3702) 76-85-72
Address: Vilnius, Lithuania, 2042
"EKSKOMISARU BIURAS": Security services phone:(3705) 212-41-61
Address: Vilnius, Lithuania, 2004
"PRAMONINIAI IRENGINIAI", LLC: Hydraulic and pneumatic equipment phone:(3707) 33-18-48
Address: Kaunas, Lithuania, LT-3005
"FALCK SECURITY", LLC: Security services phone:(3702) 75-58-80
Address: Vilnius, Lithuania, 2005
"HITECH", LLC: Processing equipment phone:(3707) 32-32-71
Address: Kaunas, Lithuania, 3000
"TRIKAMPIS ZIEDAS", LLC: Security services phone:(3702) 75-74-00
Address: Vilnius, Lithuania, 2042
Atrama: Production of heating boilers, LPG and domestic gas tanks, water meters and variuous metal products phone:(+370 37) 36 25 42
Address: Raudondvario pl 162, LT-3000, Kaunas, Lithuania
'SIGNALO radijo detales', PRIVATE COMPANY: Electronic components phone:(37046) 42-42-42
Address: Klaipeda, Lithuania, 5800
'PARKAS', HOTEL: Hotel phone:(370) 46 385283
Address: Klaipeda, Lithuania, 5800
"ARENA INTERLI", LLC: Construction works, repair of buildings phone:(37043) 91-0-79
Address: Mariampole, Lithuania, LT-4520
"SAUSUMOS TRANSPORTO LOGISTIKA": Motor transportation phone:(3709) 81-79-57
Address: Klaipeda, Lithuania
"VISLA": International motor traffic phone:(3706) 987-78-08
Address: Vilnius, Lithuania
"ELEKTROLUX", LLC, BRANCH ON WOODS AND PARKS CARE: Horticultural sundry phone:(3707) 79-49-33
Address: Kaunas, Lithuania, LT-3028
"RODIKLIS": Full complex of advertising services phone:(3707) 22-40-20
Address: 14B-15 Nemuno St., Kaunas, Lithuania, LT-3000
"KAUNO VISTA", LLC: Servicing of automobiles phone:(3707) 31-13-14
Address: Kaunas, Lithuania, LT-3042
"KETURIOS SPALVOS", LLC: Publishing house phone:(3707) 20-52-71
Address: Kaunas, Lithuania, LT-3000
"SVENTINE NUOTAIKA", LLC: Sale of knitted goods phone:(3702) 22-07-75
Address: Vilnius, Lithuania, LT-2001
"BALTOSKANDIJA", LLC: Business consultations phone:(3707) 20-44-23
Address: Kaunas, Lithuania, LT-3000
"MANTEIGA": Printing house, production of cardboard wrapper phone:(3707) 29-83-33
Address: Kaunas, Lithuania, LT-3018
"NIMTECH BALTIA": Sale of computers and componentry phone:(3702) 68-34-71
Address: Vilnius, Lithuania, LT-2009
"A.SIDLAUSKIENE", PATENT AGENCY: Patent certificates phone:(3707) 40-71-09
Address: Kaunas, Lithuania, LT-3000
"MELIORSERVISAS", LLC: After-sales service of audio- and video engineering phone:(3702) 73-11-22
Address: Vilnius, Lithuania, LT-2005
"KAUNO ZEMKASYS", JSC: Construction work phone:(3707) 45-26-46
Address: Kaunas, Lithuania, LT-3031
"DAGILIJA": Sale of hosiery phone:(3707) 42-13-16
Address: Kaunas, Lithuania, LT-3018
"CENTR PO VOPROSAM ZENSCHIN": Public organization. phone:(3702) 62-90-03
Address: Vilnius, Lithuania
"JOLVENTA": Furniture phone:(3707) 30-08-32
Address: Kaunas, Lithuania, LT-3031
"LIMENTA": Trading activity. phone:(07) 331563
Address: Kaunas, Lithuania
"RYSIO TECHNOLOGIJOS": Communication facilities phone:(3702) 22-27-57
Address: Vilnius, Lithuania, LT-2001
"SAULES VEJO REKLAMOS AGENTURA": Advertising services phone:(3702) 34-96-33
Address: Vilnius, Lithuania, LT-2055
JEZUKEVICIENE'S RIMA'S PRIVATE SCHOOL: Elementary education phone:(3707) 34-16-14
Address: Kaunas, Lithuania, LT-3002
"VLADINVEST": Internet services phone:(3708) 28783545
Address: 21 Viduno St., Vilnius, Lithuania, LT-2005
"WEST WOOD LTD.": Import of timber, impregnated sleepers. phone:(3706) 502-23-73
Address: Vilnius, Lithuania
"ARKASTA", LLC: Construction work phone:(3707) 31-09-66
Address: Kaunas, Lithuania, LT-3042
"KALNARUTE": Trading house phone:(370) 64-00-00
Address: 10 Graichuno St., Vilnius, Lithuania, LT-2028
"ALMA LITTERA", LLC: Publishing house phone:(3702) 61-79-27
Address: Vilnius, Lithuania, LT-2600
"ASTRA", JSC: Machine-shop phone:(37035) 75-2-51
Address: 33 Ulonu St., Alitus, Lithuania, LT-4580
"SOMIS", LLC: Water purification phone:(3707) 40-70-48
Address: Kaunas, Lithuania, LT-3014
"JALDETA", LLC: Automobile spare parts phone:(37033) 64-06-87
Address: Druskinkai, Lithuania, LT-4960
"IN PLENO", LLC: Equipment for restaurants, cafe and bars phone:(3705) 213-39-04
Address: Vilnius, Lithuania, LT-2006
"GEONAFTA", LLC: Geological investigations, researches phone:(37067) 47-09-41
Address: Gargzhdai, Lithuania, LT-5840
"OSMERIDA": Sale of stationery and perfumery, toys. phone:(3706) 382737
Address: Of. 18, 46 Laukininku St., Klaipeda, Lithuania, LT-5800
"AUTOMOBILE MARKET": Sale of automobiles phone:(37062)
Address: Klaipeda, Lithuania
"AUTOTOJA", LLC: Sale of new automobiles. phone:(3707) 31-34-22
Address: Kaunas, Lithuania, LT-3042
"SOSTENA": Repair of automobiles phone:(3702) 70-47-04
Address: Vilnius, Lithuania, LT-2022
"VARENOS PIENINE", JSC: Import and export dairy products phone:(37060) 51-6-07
Address: Varena, Lithuania, LT-4640
"HIROMA", FIRM: Petroleum, oil products phone:(37043) 91-6-25
Address: Mariampole, Lithuania, LT-4520
"VYTARO TRANSPORTAS", LLC: Transportation of automobiles phone:(3702) 31-11-78
Address: Vilnius, Lithuania, LT-2009
"EUROSRAUTAS", LLC: Rail traffic phone:(3707) 32-33-20
Address: Kaunas, Lithuania, LT-3000
"ELITE MEDICALE": Early diagnostics of cardiovascular system diseases phone:(3707) 73-39-78
Address: Kaunas, Lithuania, LT-3005
"JUNGTIS", LLC: Protection services phone:(3707) 36-13-54
Address: Kaunas, Lithuania, LT-3026
"VESIVA", LLC: Communication facilities. Equipment. Servicing. phone:(3706) 31-12-64
Address: Klaipeda, Lithuania, LT-5800
"FONTES VILNIUS", LLC: Employment agency phone:(3702) 22-36-17
Address: Vilnius, Lithuania, LT-2600
"BELAM": Communication facilities. Equipment. Servicing. phone:(3702) 78-07-80
Address: Vilnius, Lithuania, LT-2600
"VOLLIT", LLC: Weapon phone:(3701) 52-46-43
Address: Shyaulyai, Lithuania, LT-5400
"CHRYPOS IMONE": Cargo transportation phone:(3702) 992-46-35
Address: Vilnius, Lithuania
"VIKRADAS": Motor transportation, mixed traffic phone:(07) 23-3-48
Address: Kaunas, Lithuania
"STATE PROPERTY FUND": Public institution phone:(3702) 68-49-99
Address: Vilnius, Lithuania, LT-2600
"BIRZIETISKA AIBE": Shopping center phone:(37020) 32-1-65
Address: Birzhai, Lithuania, LT-5280
"GARSU PASAULIO IRASAI", LLC: Audio- and video cassettes, compakt disks, DVD, rental phone:(3702) 61-38-22
Address: 14 Pamenkalne St., Vilnius, Lithuania, LT-2001
"GILIUS & CO", LLC: Heating systems and appliances phone:(3707) 33-05-01
Address: Kaunas, Lithuania, LT-3005
Address: Vilnius, Lithuania, LT-2600
"LIDEX", PRIVATE COMPANY: Intermediator in production of fabricated metal products phone:(07) 35-20-65
Address: 19 Draugistes St., Kaunas, Lithuania
"AGAVA", LLC: Automatic control system phone:(3707) 20-24-10
Address: Kaunas, Lithuania, LT-3000
"RIVILE", LLC: Software, accessories phone:(3702) 65-31-34
Address: Vilnius, Lithuania, LT-2015
"VISKAS SPORTUI", LLC: Sports goods, tourist equipment phone:(3702) 22-31-09
Address: Vilnius, Lithuania, LT-2600
"ARMILA", LLC: Pharmaceutics phone:(3702) 73-73-81
Address: Vilnius, Lithuania, LT-2012
"BALTIC SHIPPING": Shipping services phone:(370 46) 311951
Address: 10 Titnago St., Klaipeda, Lithuania, LT-5800
"ALVA": Computers and componentry phone:(37048) 51-7-82
Address: Yurbarkas, Lithuania, LT-4430
"APSAUGOS SISTEMOS", LLC: Safety systems, telecommunication phone:(3702) 32-91-23
Address: Vilnius, Lithuania, LT-2034
"A CAPPELLA": Audio- and video engineering phone:(3702) 22-22-96
Address: Vilnius, Lithuania, LT-2001
"AISTARA": Motor transportation phone:(0122) 212-50-84
Address: Vilnius, Lithuania
"RC BALTIC": Concrete constructions phone:(3707) 70-95-50
Address: Kaunas, Lithuania, LT-3009
"VOLKONA": Sale of timber phone:(37098) 34-3-76
Address: Of. 45, 246 Savanoryu Av., Kaunas, Lithuania
"OMNITEL", LLC: Communication facilities phone:(3702) 74-74-74
Address: Vilnius, Lithuania, LT-2600
"ELTA", JSC: Lithuanian telegraph agency phone:(3702) 61-86-47
Address: Of. 2, 21 Gedimino Av., Vilnius, Lithuania, LT-2600
"LABOUR MARKET TRAINING CENTRE OF PETRASIUNAI": Training centre phone:(3707) 45-45-51
Address: Kaunas, Lithuania, LT-3014
"KREDO R": Full complex of advertising services phone:(3702) 23-10-23
Address: 34 Naugarduko St., Vilnius, Lithuania, LT-2600
"JUSAITIS" KESTUTIS ": Doors, windows, window sills phone:(3707) 39-38-42
Address: Kaunas, Lithuania, LT-4316
"FARMAKONAS": Drugstore, dental room phone:(3702) 45-68-11
Address: Vilnius, Lithuania, LT-2049
"KLARENA": Sale of coal, polythene, representation of your interests phone:(6)
Address: Of. 24, 21 Mindaugo St., Vilnius, Lithuania
"MEGA RECORDS": Audiocassettes, compakt disks phone:(3707) 20-44-45
Address: Kaishyadoris, Lithuania, LT-3000
"VYZDYS", PHOTO AND VIDEO MAGAZINE: Magazine phone:(3705) 242-18-09
Address: Vilnius, Lithuania, LT-2056
"IZOBARA", LLC: Heating systems and appliances phone:(37011) 64-1-45
Address: Ukmerge, Lithuania, LT-4120
"BAITUKAS IR PARTNERIAI", LLC: Computers and componentry phone:(3707) 31-13-87
Address: Kaunas, Lithuania, LT-3043
"ANYKSCIU RATAS": Motor transportation phone:(51) 59-1-62
Address: Anikschai, Lithuania
"RUSSBYTPROM": Production of engraving and milling machines phone:(370) 821-21-14
Address: 24 Rinktines St., Vilnius, Lithuania, LT-2005
"LINDSTROM", LLC: Clothes phone:(3702) 78723221313
Address: Vilnius, Lithuania, LT-2053
"ARTUR TRANSPORT", PRIVATE COMPANY: Motor transportation phone:(99) 08-0-13
Address: Ukmerge, Lithuania
"IVAIZDIS CONSULTING": Business consultations phone:(37037) 31-38-50
Address: 5 Mituvo St., Kaunas, Lithuania, LT-3009
"UGIRA", LLC: Design work phone:(37043) 51-2-17
Address: Mariampole, Lithuania, LT-4520
"VILNIAUS MIESTPROJEKTAS", LLC: Design work phone:(3702) 79-14-30
Address: Vilnius, Lithuania, LT-2600
"KONVESTA", LLC: Construction of wooden houses phone:(3706) 45-52-01
Address: Gargzhdai, Lithuania, LT-5840
"RESTAURACIJA", LLC: Construction work, repair of buildings phone:(3707) 42-21-05
Address: Kaunas, Lithuania, LT-3000
"ALSANTE", LLC: Building materials phone:(37035) 78-4-47
Address: Alitus, Lithuania, LT-4580
"SAVY", JSC: Construction work phone:(3702) 30-62-48
Address: Vilnius, Lithuania, LT-2038
"P.A.R.Y.Z.I.U.S.": Full complex of advertising services phone:(3702) 33-33-08
Address: 6 Smolensko St., Vilnius, Lithuania, LT-2600
"NORDMENA", LLC: Sea transport phone:(3706) 34-55-74
Address: Klaipeda, Lithuania, LT-5799
"NATIONAL MUSEUM OF LITHUANIAN REPUBLIC": Museum phone:(3702) 62-77-74
Address: Vilnius, Lithuania, LT-2001
"DIVEJA": Plywood, veneer sheet and timber phone:(7010) 55-3-56
Address: Birshtonas, Lithuania
"ORONIS": Advertising services phone:(3707) 20-37-53
Address: Kaunas, Lithuania, LT-3000
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