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"LOE", PLC: Trade of mineral fertilizers phone:(0322) 78-15-10
Address: 3 Kozelnitska, Lvov, Lvovskaya obl., Ukraine
MARIUPOL METALLURGICAL COMBINE N.A. ILYICH, PLC: Production of flats,.skelp steel cold rolled metal phone:+380 -629-382382
Address: 1 Levchenko St., Mariupol, Donetskaya obl., Ukraine, 87500
"UMAKS", LLC: Trade of utensils SIMAX, Bohemian glass, crystal, porcelain, ceramics, glass phone:(044) 4556400
Address: 16 Dovzhenko St., Kiev, Ukraine
"EURACOM UKRAINE": Manufacture of glass and polypropylene produtcs phone:(044) 238-29-30
Address: Of. 605, 37 Vasilkovskaya St., Kiev, Ukraine
"DNEPROAZOT", PLC: Production of chemical production of nitrogenous fertilizers, chlorine, acids, caustic soda phone:(05692) 7-89-70
Address: Dneprodzerzhinsk, Dnepropetrovskaya oblast, Ukraine
"MICOMP LTD", FOREIGN TRADE COMPANY: Importer and exporter of metallical intermediate products, goods of primary metals processing phone:+380 -5692-31142
Address: 43 Lenin St., Dnepropetrovsk, Dnepropetrovskaya obl., Ukraine, 49600
"MOLNIYA", COMMERCIAL ENTERPRISE: Production of radio-electronic equipment, fireworks phone:(0482) 22-32-27
Address: 45 Prokhorovskaya St., Odessa, Odesskaya obl., Ukraine
"MARIUPOL METALLURGICAL COMBINE N.A. ILIYCH" JSC: Production of cast iron and steel phone:(0622) 322305
Address: 1 Levchenko St., Mariupol, Donetskaya oblast, Ukraine, 341004
'ZAPOROZHSTEKLOFLUS', PLC: Manufacture of welding fluxes, soluble sodium silicates, glass utensils phone:(0612) 348-573
Address: Zaporozhiye, Zaporozhskaya oblast, Ukraine, 69035
"ODESSA-ZLIN-INVEST", LLC: Trade of New Year's fireworks phone:(0482) 748-80-95
Address: 2 Kosovskaya St., Odessa, Odesskaya obl., Ukraine
ODESSA SEA COMMERCIAL PORT: Cargo handling, vessels service phone:(38 048) 729-49-00
Address: 1,Tamojennaya Sq.,Odessa 65026, UKRAINE
DNEPROPETROVSK METALLURGICAL PLANT N.A. PETROVSKY, PLC: Production: iron & steel, section and shaped rolled-metal, bars, structures, rails, tyres, beems phone:+380 -562-523261
Address: 3 Mayakovsky St., Dnepropetrovsk, Dnepropetrovskaya obl., Ukraine, 49064
"SKLOBAZA", LLC: Sale of glass, equipment and tools for glass processing phone:(+380 44) 4516665
Address: 85 POB, Kiev, Kievskaya obl., Ukraine, 04111
"EURORESOURCE": Intermediary activity phone:(044) 490-37-47
Address: 3 Krasnoarmeysky Lane, Kiev, Kievskaya oblast, Ukraine
"STROYCOMPLECT KIEV", LLC: Manufacture of glass pack, window galss phone:(044) 5503333
Address: 19-a Vossoedinenia Av., Kiev, Ukraine
"RUTA-PHARM", LLC: Medicines phone:(035) 223447
Address: 2a Zhivov St., Ternopol, Ternopolskaya Obl., Ukraine, 46001
"GALEAS", UKRAINIAN-RUSSIAN JOINT VENTURE: Deliveries of optical lenticles, glasses and mirrors phone:+380 -572-124567
Address: 2943 POB, Kharkov, Kharkovskaya obl., Ukraine, 61068
"ALCHEVSK METALLURGICAL COMBINE", PLC: Production of cast iron, steel, sheet iron and structural shapes phone:+380 -6442-94224
Address: 4 Shmidt St., Alchevsk, Luganskaya obl., Ukraine, 94200
"VISOKY UROJAI", PRIVATE COMPANY: Companies phone:(044) 5597177
Address: 50 Kharkovskoye Highway, Kiev, Kievskaya oblast, Ukraine
"TAVRISKI LANI", LLC: Trade of seeds, drip spraying, fertilizer, protection means phone:(05536) 33336
Address: Kakhovka, Khersonskaya obl., Ukraine
"PULSAR AND CO.", COMPANY, LLC: Supply with petroleum. Trade: threads, fabrics and textile goods phone:+380 -362-220529
Address: 2 Fabrichnaya St., Rovno, Rovenskaya obl., Ukraine, 33000
"PACO LINKS": Business phone:(0482)
Address: Odessa, Odesskaya oblast, Ukraine
"MERLIN", LLC: Company phone:(05366) 2-21-29
Address: 18 Tsurupy St., Kremenchug, Poltavskaya oblast, Ukraine, 39600
"ZDT BETA" JOINT-VENTURE: Semi-trailers tractor 3-17 tons, mineral fertilizers dispensers phone:(04142) 3-23-09
Address: 65 Getman Vygovskoy St., Korosten, Korostensky district, Zhitomirskaya oblast, Ukraine, 11500
"KM GROUP", LLC: Company phone:(0362) 26-24-62
Address: 14 s. Petlyura St., Rovno, Rovenskaya oblast, Ukraine, 33028
"TRIMENS", LLC: Company phone:(0562) 37-33-41
Address: 93 K. Marx Av., Dnepropetrovsk, Dnepropetrovskaya oblast, Ukraine, 320020
"LVOV TOBACCO FACTORY", PRIVATE COMPANY: Manufacture and sale of cigarettes with filter, oval cigarettes. phone:(0322) 960170
Address: 1 Shevchenko St., Lvov-Vinniki, Lvovskaya oblast, Ukraine
"POLYPRESS", PUBLISHING HOUSE: Publishing house, printing office phone:(0652)253112
Address: 35 K.Marx St., Simferopol, Crimea, Ukraine, 95000
"VITALONG": Sale of mineral fertilizers, textile, helicopter engines, petroleum phone:(0536) 75-71-79
Address: 69 POB, of. 21, 40/2 Lenin St., Kremenchug, Poltavskaya obl., Ukraine, 39600
"SPECMEBEL": Educational and office furniture, furniture for house and restaurants phone:(0652) 26-57-86
Address: 209 Pobeda Av., Simferopol, Crimea, Ukraine, 95022
'TOURINDUSTRY': Tourist firm phone:(044) 451-5607
Address: Of. 7, 3/5 Smirnova-Lastochkina St., Kiev, Ukraine
LUGANSK REGIONAL CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY: Chamber of commerce and industry phone:(064) 526444
Address: 45 Sovetskaya St., Lugansk, Luganskaya Obl., Ukraine, 91022
"NASH PARUS", LLC: Company phone:(0652) 27-40-39
Address: 68 Gogol St., Simferopol, Crimea, Ukraine, 95051
"RELBY": Studio of web-design phone:(0462) 101-438
Address: 139 Oktyabrskaya Revolutsia Av., Chernigov, Ukraine
"VOYAGE", RADIO: Radio phone:(0642) 54-34-32
Address: Lugansk, Luganskaya Obl., Ukraine
INSTITUTE OF CARDIOLOGY N.A. N.D.STRAZHESKO: Medical care, scientific researches phone:(044) 277-66-22
Address: 5 Narodnoe Opolchenie St., Kiev, Ukraine, 03151
"TASHCO", UKRAINIAN-EGYPTIAN JOINT VENTURE: Trade of plantations and fields crops phone:+380 -482-217080
Address: 75 POB, Odessa, Odesskaya obl., Ukraine, 65044
"GLEYUS", LLC: Sale of air conditioners of different marks and types phone:(044) 239-2037
Address: of. 705, 23 M.Raskova St., Kiev, Kievskaya obl., Ukraine, 02002
"ASTOR-UKRAINE": Trade of household appliances phone:(0482) 513-829
Address: 1 Deribasovskaya St., Odessa, Odesskaya obl., Ukraine, 65000
KARAT: Plastic industry, industrial equipment designing, mold designing, hot runner. Intl air-forwarding. phone:(380352) 22 6352
Address: 1) 18 Krushelnytska St., office 902, Ternopil 46001, Ukraine; 2) PO box 1038, Ternopil 46025, Ukraine
"NOVOMOSKOVSK PIPE PLANT", PLC: Novomoskovsk pipe plant phone:(056) 791-12-03
Address: 115 Suchkov St., Novomoskovsk, Ukraine
"ALF": Tourist services phone:(044) 269-2901
Address: Of. 3, bdg. 3, 15 Shors St., Kiev, Ukraine
"PRIKARPATTRANS": Internationa motor transportation. Austria, Italy, Hungary phone:(03244)31585
Address: 183 Gorishnya Brama St., Drogobych, Ukraine, 82100
CHILDREN CITY CLINICAL HOSPITAL N6: State medical organization phone:(0562) 52-12-72
Address: 68 Karavayev St., Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine
"PIRS", TRADING AND PRODUCTION COMPANY: Trade of glass utensils, porcelain, chemicals phone:(0572) 353-857
Address: Kharkov, Kharkovskaya Obl., Ukraine
"UKRVNESHKHIMPROM": Export and import of fertilizers phone:(044) 516-87-97
Address: 15 M.Raskova St., Kiev, Ukraine
Address: of. 420, 67 Victory Av., Kiev, Kievskaya oblast, Ukraine
"ENERGOIMPEX": Mining and metallurgical inductry production export/import operations phone:(044) 244-52-73
Address: 2912 Reitarskaya St., Kiev, Kievskaya oblast, Ukraine, 01034
"BARVINOK": Trade of building materials phone:(0572)476202
Address: 128a Sumskaya St., Kharkov, Kharkovskaya oblast, Ukraine
'DNISTER', TOURIST & HOTEL COMPLEX, PLC: Hotel services phone:+380 (322)974317
Address: 6 Mateyka St., Lvov, Ukraine, 79000
"GALITSKIE CONTRAKTY": Edition of newspaper phone:(044) 294 9377
Address: 10/2 Mechnikov St., Kiev, Kievskaya oblast, Ukraine
VIRTUAL LUGANSK: Web-site phone:(06453)
Address: Lugansk, Ukraine
"AKORD", LTD: Import of AIRSTAR lighting spheres phone:(0572) 234601
Address: 10 Rymarskaya St., Kharkov, Kharkovskaya oblast, Ukraine
"ATTIS TELECOM", JOINT-VENTURE, LLC: Company phone:(044) 241-72-11
Address: 33 Politekhnicheskaya St., Kiev, Kievskaya oblast, Ukraine, 03056
"EPRIM", LLC: Consulting, building phone:(044) 561-17-33
Address: POB 238, Kiev, Kievskaya oblast, Ukraine, 04210
"DNEPROKERAMIKA", LLC: Discharge of sanitary kits - "Izeo" ceramics engineering phone:(06165) 55-4-90
Address: 50 Karl Marx St., Pologi, Zaporozhskaya oblast, Ukraine, 332800
"AVISTA", PRIVATE ENTERPRISE: Trade deliveries of roofing tile materials for building industry phone:+380 -44-2686307
Address: of. 2a, 7 Pirogov St., Kiev, Kievskaya obl., Ukraine, 01030
"EXIMTRADE", LLC: Transportations phone:(06442) 2-01-02
Address: 14a Moskovsky Av., Alchevsk, Luganskaya obl., Ukraine
"RTC", LLC: Visa support, job placement and immigration phone:(44) 547-0009
Address: 59 Vladimirska St., Kiev, Kievskaya obl., Ukraine
"GRAAL", LLC: Trade of soil aerator-fluffer, soil air conditioner, drainage phone:(04498) 7-12-86
Address: Vishnevy, Kievskaya obl., Ukraine
"XEEN" SHOP: Trade of TV, radio, video equipment phone:(0482) 34-71-05
Address: 48 Ekaterinskaya St., Odessa, Odesskaya obl., Ukraine, 65026
"AGRO-ECO", LLC: Production of building mixtures phone:(0482) 51-77-57
Address: 2a Evreyskaya St., Odessa, Odesskaya obl., Ukraine, 65014
"GUKKON": Sale of videophones, air conditioners (Japan), cooling agents phone:(044) 455-6972
Address: of. 1704, 57 Pobedy Av., Kiev, Kievskaya obl., Ukraine, 03113
OFFSETIC: Sale of printers phone:(0482) 26-56-98
Address: Odessa, Odesskaya oblast, Ukraine
"SAKURA": Armoured, shock-resistant, secure glasses phone:(044) 244-66-01
Address: 37-41 Artem St., Kiev, Kievskaya oblast, Ukraine
INSTITUTE OF SUPERHARD MATERIALS N.A. BAKUL OF UKRAINE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES: Large single crystals of synthetic diamonds phone:(044) 468-86-32
Address: 2 Avtozavodskaya St., Kiev, Kievskaya oblast, Ukraine, 04074
"SUMYKHIMPROM", PLC: Production of fertilizer phone:(0542) 33-85-55
Address: 12 Kharkovskaya St., Sumy, Ukraine
FERROCONCRETE PRODUCTION PLANT N5: Production of ferooconcrete items phone:(38044)430-20-24
Address: 8 Rezervnaya St., Kiev, Kievskaya oblast, Ukraine
"DEBET-KREDIT": newspaper phone:(044) 294-60-13
Address: Kiev, Kievskaya oblast, Ukraine
"ACCENT": Sale of cardboard, corrugated paper, newsprint and so forth. phone:(062) 3817060
Address: 15/24 Rosa Luxemburg St., Donetsk, Donetskaya oblast, Ukraine
"SKYLINE ELECTRONICS": Sale of printers phone:(0482) 34-4115
Address: Odessa, Ukraine
"ALBION": Tourist services phone:(044) 220-7700
Address: 26 Krasnoarmeyskaya St., Kiev, Ukraine
"CROSS", LLC: Installation on sea ships of modern means of radio communication phone:(048) 728-77-94
Address: 13/1 Pirogovskaya St., Odessa, Odesskaya Obl., Ukraine, 65012
"AGNI CAMPO", WORLD-WIDE ORGANIZATION: Martial art Agni Campo phone:(044) 5190797
Address: Room 31, 53 Marshal Zhukov St., Kiev, Ukraine
"LAET", JOINT-VENTURE: Powerful resistors, ceramic heaters, souvenirs from glass with stereoscopic picture phone:(048) 7325537
Address: 28 Promyshlennaya St., Odessa, Odesskaya Obl., Ukraine, 65031
"LUCK": Manufacture of hardalloyed and diamond wooden cutting mills, disk saws, tape saws phone:(044) 4170698
Address: 6 Korabelnaya St., Kiev, Ukraine, 04080
"A-SKANIA": Manufacture of soft packing for confectionery industry, cigarettes, soaps phone:(0562) 46-02-22
Address: 45 Sirko St., Dnepropetrovsk, Dnepropetrovskaya Obl., Ukraine
"WIS LTD", COMMERCIAL AND PRODUCTION FIRM, LLC: Heat insulation of polyurethane foam phone:(0562) 32-18-38
Address: 15 Ispolkomovskaya St., Dnepropetrovsk, Dnepropetrovskaya Obl., Ukraine
"KATRAN", LLC: Deliveries of meat and meat products of Ukrainian manufacture. Transport services. phone:(044) 516-32-31
Address: 5A Sh.Aleikhem St., Kiev, Ukraine, 02156
"AVIATION CALCULATION CENTRE": Air tickets on charter flights, organization of charter passenger air transportations. phone:(044) 536-08-03
Address: Of. 19, 8a Vorovsky St., Kiev, Ukraine, 04053
"COLISEUM": Education, training and rest abroad phone:(044) 4903410
Address: Of. 8, 15, Mikhailovskaya St., Kiev, Ukraine, 01001
"UKRZALIZNITSYA": Ukrainian railways phone:(044) 223-09-95
Address: 2 I. Franko St., Kiev, Ukraine
"ARMOPLAST", PLC: Glass-fibre-reinforced plastic profiles phone:(06452) 43566
Address: 30 Gvardeysky Av., Severodonetsk, Luganskaya oblast, Ukraine
"ART&JOURNEY": Advertising in Internet + design of web-pages phone:(044) 419-8085
Address: 2a Timoshenko St., Kiev, Ukraine
"KOSPA", CO.: Crystal ammonium sulphate phone:(03122) 131-44
Address: Uzhgorod, Zakarpatskaya oblast, Ukraine
"CORDO INTERNATIONAL LTD", SHIPPING COMPANY, LLC: Sea, passenger and cargo transportations phone:+380 -482-226363
Address: 13 Liderovsky bul., Odessa, Odesskaya obl., Ukraine, 65014
"MIT", LLC: Services on decorative processing of glass phone:+380 -572-431550
Address: 18/16 Kultury St., Kharkov, Kharkovskaya obl., Ukraine, 61058
"BEST", INDUSTRIAL MICROELECTRONICS: Production of labeling equipment, industrial controllers phone:(0472) 540-512
Address: 321 POB, Cherkassy, Cherkasskaya obl., Ukraine, 18000
'KSV', LLC: Wholesale trade of window, reinforced, figured, polished glass phone:(044) 452-3375
Address: 4a Ak.Krymsky St., Kiev, Kievskaya obl., Ukraine
'CHUCKLUN', PRIVATE ENTERPRISE: Sale, mounting, repair & maintenance of air conditioners and ventilating phone:(048) 728-64-04
Address: 87 Staroportofrankovskaya St., Odessa, Odesskaya obl., Ukraine
"CATEH-ELECTRO": Trade of throttles for fluorescent lighting, lamps phone:(044) 452-43-76
Address: Kiev, Kievskaya obl., Ukraine
"RASTA", LLC: Sale of radio components of CIS manufacture phone:(0612) 13-10-92
Address: Zaporozhye, Zaporozhskaya Obl., Ukraine
"PALMET LIMITED": Delivery of diesel fuel on CIF conditions, LC payment phone:(044) 2766188
Address: 13-a Kavkazskaya St., Kiev, Ukraine
"GEYSER", LLC: Trading company phone:(044) 241-97-44
Address: 31 Degtyarevskaya St., Kiev, Ukraine, 03057
"ELVIS": Sale, manufacture, installation and service of security systems and communication phone:(044) 490-51-19
Address: Of. 315, 5 Solomenskaya St., Kiev, Ukraine, 03110
"BOICHUK-STUDIO 101FM", RADIO: Radio phone:(0342) 96-24-61
Address: Ivano-Frankovsk, Ivano-Frankovskaya Obl., Ukraine
"SPECAUTOMATION", LLC: IT and communication phone:(0572) 14-37-27
Address: 6 Marshal Bazhanov St., Kharkov, Kharkovskaya Obl., Ukraine
"CHANCE": Tourism phone:(062) 3810506
Address: 123 Artem St., Donetsk, Donetskaya Obl., Ukraine
"MONTAZH-29", FIRM: Sale of metal-roll phone:(0482) 242057
Address: 20 Polskaya St., Odessa, Odesskaya Obl., Ukraine
"ODESSA-MOTOR-SERVICE": Trade of automobiles phone:(0482) 22-64-26
Address: 16 Tiraspolskoe Highway, Odessa, Odesskaya Obl., Ukraine, 65085
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