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UDDI - Yellow pages
"CATERING INTERNATIONAL & SERVICES": Logistical support phone:(3272) 301340
Address: 7 Bratiya Abdulliny St., Almaty, Kazakhstan
"BAS-2000", LLC: Logistical support phone:(3292) 513491
Address: room 121, 5, 7 microdistrict, Aktau, Kazakhstan, 466200
"BRIZ", LLC: Non-alcoholic beverages manufacture phone:(3213) 516515
Address: 1, 5 microdistrict, Aktau, Kazakhstan, 466200
"SANA-L", ACADEMY OF INTERESTING IDEAS & DEVELOPMENTS, LLC: Consulting company phone:(3272) 428454
Address: room 511, 515, 46/48, Mynbayev St., Almaty, Kazakhstan, 480057
"ERA", PRIVATE COMPANY: Industrial company phone:(3232) 479361
Address: 4 Revolutsionnaya St., Ust-Kamenogorsk, Kazakhstan
"AKTAU SEA TRADING PORT": Seaport phone:(3213) 514549
Address: Umirzak settlement, Aktau, Kazakhstan, 466200
"EMIL", LLC: Confectionery factory phone:(3232) 269092
Address: 5 Krasnye Orly Embankment, Ust-Kamenogorsk, Kazakhstan
"AINA LTD": Furniture shop phone:(3272) 391244
Address: 36 Zheltoksan St., Almaty, Kazakhstan
"SEMIPALATINSK MEAT PACKING COMPLEX": Food company phone:(3232) 668470
Address: 13 Krasnoznamenny Av., Semipalatinsk, Kazakhstan, 490009
"MCGUIRE WOODS KAZAKHSTAN": Consulting company phone:(3272) 980300
Address: 41b Kazybek Bi St., Almaty, Kazakhstan, 480100
'ORIENTAL CO LTD': Engineering company phone:(3272) 322740
Address: room 16, 98, Utegen Batyr St., Almaty, Kazakhstan, 480062
"AINA LTD": Furniture salon phone:(31222) 23189
Address: 7, "Centralny" microdistrict, Atyrau, Kazakhstan
"RIKA": Furniture salon phone:(3272) 542095
Address: 4a Satpayev St., Almaty, Kazakhstan, 480100
"ASAR", LLC: Furniture salon phone:(3272) 907474
Address: 24 Vokzalnaya St., Pervomaysky settlement, Almaty, Kazakhstan, 483160
"ZHANNA": Furniture salon phone:(3272) 583716
Address: 117 Abay Av., Almaty, Kazakhstan
"KARAGOZ": Furniture salon phone:(3272) 336578
Address: 55 Furmanov St., Almaty, Kazakhstan
"INTERIOR+", LLC: Furniture salon phone:(3272) 928101
Address: Minin St., Almaty, Kazakhstan, 480013
"GEPARD": Furniture salon phone:(31622) 51174
Address: 13 Vernadsky Av., Kokshetau, Kazakhstan, 475016
"VENICE": Furniture salon phone:(3272) 492755
Address: 285a Zharokov St., Almaty, Kazakhstan
"AKNIET": Furniture salon phone:(3272) 588566
Address: 19 Dostyk Av., Almaty, Kazakhstan, 480100
"ADONIS", LLC: Furniture salon phone:(3272) 300758
Address: 89a Suyunbay Av., Almaty, Kazakhstan
"DAR", LLC: Furniture salon phone:(3272) 552507
Address: 17a Suleymanov St., Almaty, Kazakhstan, 480042
"ALMATYPLAST", LLC: Building, finishing, joiner's works phone:(3272) 629991
Address: of.102, 144, Chaikovsky St., Almaty, Kazakhstan
"LABBIOTECH": Hospital phone:(3272) 328605
Address: 64a Ratushny St., Almaty, Kazakhstan, 480050
"ALMATY KUS", PLC: Grocery company phone:(3272) 581107
Address: 95/70 Gogol St., Almaty, Kazakhstan, 480091
"OIL INSURANCE COMPANY", PLC: Insurance company phone:(3142) 54199
Address: 42 Azattyk St., Atyrau, Kazakhstan, 465020
'GRATA PETROLEUM CONSULTANTS LTD.': Consulting services in oil-gas sector phone:(3272) 509 848
Address: 157 Shevchenko St., Almaty, Kazakhstan, 480008
'ITO-ALMATY': Filling equipment phone:(3272) 73-95-24
Address: Dostyk, 7A, Almaty, Kazakhstan
'TIMEI', LLC: Financial and industrial company phone:(3152) 466838
Address: 52 POB, 17, Konstitutsii St., Petropavlovsk, Kazakhstan, 642000
"BAYAN-SULU", PLC: Confectionery factory phone:(3142) 562952
Address: 198 19-avgusta St., Kostanay, Kazakhstan, 458006
"SULTAN MARKETING", LLC: Confectionery factory phone:(3272) 338576
Address: room 301, 64, Zhizbek Zholy Av., Almaty, Kazakhstan, 480004
"ALEXEYEVKA MEAT-PROCESSING PLANT": Meat-processing plant, meat raw material, processing of meat, wholesale trade phone:(31738)
Address: Alexeyevka, Akmolinskaya obl., Kazakhstan, 474050
"ELMORA", LLC: Finance phone:(3272) 33-11-15
Address: 53/16 Furmanov St., Almaty, Almatinskaya obl., Kazakhstan
"AYAN", LLC: Agricultural products phone:(3272) 91-76-71
Address: 3 Mayakovsky St., Ushtobe, Almatinskaya obl., Kazakhstan
Address: 67 Kuibyshev St., Uralsk, Zapadno-Kazakhstanskaya obl., Kazakhstan, 417000
"AKTAU-LADA: Trade phone:(3292) 51-55-51
Address: of. 212, 1-st microdistrict, Aktau, Kazakhstan, 466200
"SULTAN-CONFECTIONERY", PLC: Confectionery factory phone:(3152) 472658
Address: 29a Industrialnaya St., Petropavlovsk, Kazakhstan, 642000
"KAZAKHSTAN", PRIVATE COMPANY: Open non-state accumulation pension fund phone:(3272) 472433
Address: 2 Zhandosov St., Almaty, Kazakhstan, 480070
'PULKOVO EXPRESS': Air tourist agency phone:(3272) 633838
Address: 577 Seyfullin Av., Almaty, Kazakhstan
"1C: SLAVA", LLC: Software phone:(3272) 322881
Address: room 402, 111, Gogol St., Almaty, Kazakhstan
"ASEM": Trading company phone:(3232) 261490
Address: 75/23 Ushanov St., Ust-Kamenogorsk, Kazakhstan, 492000
"BURAN-BOILER", PRIVATE COMPANY: Conditioners phone:(3272) 585888
Address: Ryskulov Av., Almaty, Kazakhstan, 480026
"TOKRAU-PROJECT", LLC: Consulting company phone:(3272) 639509
Address: room 917, 10a, Abay Av., Almaty, Kazakhstan, 480013
"UNKO", LLC: Boiler equipment phone:(3272) 492874
Address: room 18, 159a, Gagarin Av., Almaty, Kazakhstan, 480060
'KERUEN', LLC: Boiler equipment, architecture & urban construction, designing phone:(3272) 468702
Address: 18a/1 Satpayev St., Almaty, Kazakhstan
"MTK": Cellular communication phone:(3272) 633755
Address: of.6, 553, Seyfullin Av., Almaty, Kazakhstan
"IRTYSHBUSINESSBANK": Bank phone:(3222) 664205
Address: 5 Abay Sq., Semipalatinsk, Kazakhstan, 490060
'FOTON', LLC: Criminalistic equipment, photo equipment phone:(3272) 942028
Address: 68 Ratushny St., Almaty, Kazakhstan, 480050
"STROYCOMPLECT-A", LLC: Paints production phone:(3272) 927959
Address: 68b Dosmukhamedov St., Almaty, Kazakhstan, 480012
"AKBAR", LLC: Paints production phone:(3272) 623823
Address: of.502, 72, Karasay Batyr St., Almaty, Kazakhstan, 480012
"KAMEYA-1", LLC: Trading & industrial company phone:(31622) 53747
Address: 1 Gorvetka St., Kokshetau, Kazakhstan, 475000
"MAY TAU", LLC: Car-care centre phone:(31222) 254350
Address: 42 Azattyk Av., Atyrau, Kazakhstan, 462020
KAZAKHSTAN INSTITUTE OF MARKETING & MANAGEMENT: Consulting company phone:(3272) 500345
Address: 19 Popov St., Almaty, Kazakhstan, 480090
"KAZAKHCONSULT INTERNATIONAL", LLC: Consulting company phone:(3272) 581117
Address: room 181, 86, Almaty, Kazakhstan
"METTLER-TOLEDO CENTRAL ASIA": Manufacture of medical engineering phone:(3172) 317671
Address: 66 Moscovskaya St., Astana, Kazakhstan, 473000
"ALIMEX GMBH": Kitchen equipment phone:(3272) 411139
Address: room 33, 26, "Tastak-1" microdistrict, Almaty, Kazakhstan, 480061
"UL-AI", LLC: Centre of heating equipment phone:(3272) 566542
Address: 71b, "Zhetysu-2" microdistrict, Almaty, Kazakhstan, 480063
"JANA COMPANY", LLC: Cooking products phone:(3272) 393966
Address: 129 Gogol St., Almaty, Kazakhstan, 480000
"PRICE-CONSULT": Consulting company phone:(3272) 329756
Address: of.65, 29/41, Mametova St., Almaty, Kazakhstan, 480004
"COMETA", LLC: Computers & componentry phone:(3272) 632284
Address: room 115, 106, Panfilov St., Almaty, Kazakhstan
PREPARADOS ALIMENTICIOS S.A.: Representative office of "Gallina Blanca" phone:(3272) 631918
Address: of.117, 15, Respublika Sq., Almaty, Kazakhstan, 480013
"ACCELS": Training phone:(3272) 633003
Address: room 604, 531, Seyfullin Av., Almaty, Kazakhstan, 480091
"MAY TAU", LLC: Car-care centre phone:(3272) 582527
Address: 89 Kazybek Bi St., Almaty, Kazakhstan, 480091
"KIGACH", LLC: Trading & industrial company phone:(3182) 324030
Address: of.307, 1, Kalinin St., Pavlodar, Kazakhstan
"GAUDI-PAINT", LLC: Paints production phone:(3272) 380148
Address: 52a Ryskulov Av., Almaty, Kazakhstan
"BDT CONSULTING", LLC: Marketing phone:(3272) 631929
Address: of.201, 118, Pushkin St., Almaty, Kazakhstan, 480021
"WELLCOMM", COMPANY, LLC: Telecommunication equipment, system integrator phone:(3272) 582212
Address: 55 Dzhumaliyev St., Almaty, Kazakhstan, 480096
"TEMIRBANK": Bank phone:(31622) 52293
Address: 173 Abay St., Kokshetau, Kazakhstan, 475016
"ORGTECHNICS-DOS", LLC: Copying engineering & componentry phone:(3272) 911818
Address: 42 Abdullinykh St., Almaty, Kazakhstan, 480100
"AZIMUT ENERGY SERVICES": Logistical support phone:(3293) 511236
Address: 5 Pionerskaya St., Priozerny settlement, Aktau, Kazakhstan, 466200
"MILK ALLIANCE", JSC: Industrial company phone:(3152) 335575
Address: Akhrimenko St., Petropavlovsk, Kazakhstan, 642024
"WIDERGEBURG": Social & political society of Germans phone:(31622) 33959
Address: 139a Abay St., Kokshetau, Kazakhstan
"ALMATY MARGARINE PLANT", PLC: Plant phone:(3272) 680449
Address: 69 Bayzakov St., Almaty, Kazakhstan, 480096
"KREPEZH CENTRE": Fixing products phone:(3272) 464855
Address: room 24, 90 Satpayev St., Almaty, Kazakhstan, 480046
"MARKET-CONSULTING", LLC: Consulting company phone:(3272) 695074
Address: of.368-369, 115, Zheltoksan St., Almaty, Kazakhstan
Address: 98 Zheltoksan St., Almaty, Kazakhstan, 480091
ALMATY RURAL CONSULTING CENTRE: Marketing phone:(3272) 440858
Address: 42 Timerzyayev St., Almaty, Kazakhstan, 480057
"PAVLODAR MACHINE BUILDING PLANT", JSC: Plant phone:(3182) 452635
Address: 180 Lomov St., Pavlodar, Kazakhstan, 637013
"ALMA-MED", LLC: Medicines phone:(3272) 481402
Address: 27 Basenov St., Almaty, Kazakhstan, 480060
'EXPERIMENTAL PLANT N1', PLC: Plant phone:+7 (3212) 562046
Address: 69 Lenin St., Karaganda, Kazakhstan, 470038
"AROMA", LLC: Industrial company phone:(3272) 934551
Address: 238a Gagarin Av., Almaty, Kazakhstan, 480060
"STANDARD OIL LTD": Oil company phone:(3272) 356617
Address: 243 Suyunbay Av., Almaty, Kazakhstan
"OGO INTEROIL", PLC: Oil company phone:(3272) 509091
Address: of.228, 111, Gogol St., Almaty, Kazakhstan, 480004
"BIOLA", LLC: Medicines phone:(3232) 424552
Address: 18/1 Gagarin Blv., Ust-Kamenogorsk, Kazakhstan, 492038
"BIOLA", LLC: Medicines phone:(3142) 312237
Address: room 12, 121/1, Al-Farabi St., Kostanay, Kazakhstan, 458003
"ALTAIR PHARMA", PRIVATE COMPANY: Medicines phone:(3272) 551778
Address: 40 "Orbita-1" microdistrict, Almaty, Kazakhstan, 480043
"AZIMUT ENERGY SERVICES": Logistical support phone:(31222) 54044
Address: 42 Azattyk Av., Atyrau, Kazakhstan, 462020
"MEDICINE", LLC: Medicines phone:(3272) 924984
Address: room 2, 89, Abay Av., Almaty, Kazakhstan, 480072
"IGM": Consulting company phone:(3272) 503895
Address: of.204, 84a, Gogol St., Almaty, Kazakhstan
"TECHNOSTROYSERVICE ENGINEERING", LLC: Trading & industrial company phone:(3272) 411594
Address: of.21, 155, Abay Av., Almaty, Kazakhstan
"BIOLA", LLC: Medicines phone:(3272) 336317
Address: 3 Mametova St., Almaty, Kazakhstan, 480016
"ROMAT", LLC: Medicines phone:(3142) 534904
Address: 39 Temirbayev St., Kostanay, Kazakhstan
"PIERRE FABRE MEDICAMENT": Medicines phone:(3272) 926832
Address: 39 Masanchi St., Almaty, Kazakhstan, 480012
"PHARMACIA CORPORATION": Medicines phone:(3272) 320562
Address: 17 Nauryzbay Batyr St., Almaty, Kazakhstan, 480004
"BEAUFOUR IPSEN INTERNATIONAL": Medicines phone:(3272) 694072
Address: of.27, 69, Tole Bi St., Almaty, Kazakhstan, 480091
"STOMATOLOGY": Stomatological clinic phone:(3272) 320401
Address: 64a Ratushny St., Almaty, Kazakhstan, 480050
"MEDICAL CENTRE OF PROFESSOR KH.MERGENBAYEVA": Stomatological clinic phone:(3272) 474787
Address: of.210, 14, Bukhar Zhyrau Boul., Almaty, Kazakhstan, 480013
"MEDICUS-CENTRE": Medicines phone:(3172) 328606
Address: 21 Respublika Av., Almaty, Kazakhstan, 480000
"BAVI": Stomatological clinic phone:(3272) 461124
Address: 156 Rozybakiyev St., Almaty, Kazakhstan, 480046
"MEDSERVICE PLUS", LLC: Medicines phone:(3272) 328602
Address: 54 Mametova St., Almaty, Kazakhstan, 480004
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