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S. KERPIENE' S FIRM: Production of women, children and men clothes as well as home textile itmes in linen, cotton, wool. phone:(370)46350 666
Address: Paryziaus Komunos str. 25, Klaipeda, Lithuania, LT-5802
"A CAPPELLA": Audio- and video engineering phone:(3702) 22-22-96
Address: Vilnius, Lithuania, LT-2001
"A GRUPE", LLC: Trade of textile phone:(37019) 51-5-68
Address: Ionava, Lithuania, 5000
"A&J": Trade phone:(3706) 22-52-72
Address: Klaipeda, Lithuania
"A, UAB": Export and import of hop, malt phone:(3702) 61-07-20
Address: Vilnius, Lithuania
"A.M.": Automobile spare parts phone:(3702) 62-71-67
Address: Vilnius, Lithuania, LT-2004
"A.NORKELYUNENES": Paper industry phone:(370-35) 78-4-44
Address: 3 Putinu St., Alitus, Lithuania, 4580
"A.PUKENO": Automobile transportations phone:(0122) 77-21-54
Address: Of. 403, 139a, Zirmun St., Vilnius, Lithuania
"A.SIDLAUSKIENE", PATENT AGENCY: Patent certificates phone:(3707) 40-71-09
Address: Kaunas, Lithuania, LT-3000
"ABIGUS": Full complex of advertising services phone:(3702) 22-47-72
Address: 26 Gedemino Av., Vilnius, Lithuania, 2600
"ACCEL ELEKTRONIKA", LLC: Electrical equipment phone:(3702) 31-10-18
Address: Kaunas, Lithuania, LT-3009
"ACETILENAS": Gases for welding, gas-operated welding appliances phone:(37037) 31-37-95
Address: Kaunas, Lithuania, LT-3031
"ACHEMA", JSC: Fertilizers phone:(37019) 56-4-65
Address: Ionava, Lithuania, 5000
"ACHEMA", JSC: Trade of building materials phone:(37019) 56-4-65
Address: Ionava, Lithuania, 5000
"ACME BALTIJA", LLC: Audiocassettes, disks, CD-R, audio, video pancakes phone:(3707) 3733
Address: Kaunas, Lithuania, 3009
"ACOTRA GRAN AG": Railway transportation phone:(0122) 68-80-00
Address: Vilnius, Lithuania
"ACOTRA": Business phone:(0122)
Address: Vilnius, Lithuania
"AD REM": Air transportation phone:(3702) 216-48-13
Address: Vilnius, Lithuania, LT-2001
"AD-REM": Motor, sea, railway, mixed traffic phone:(0122) 23-20-17
Address: Vilnius, Lithuania
"ADAMPOLIS", LLC: Trade of automobile spare parts phone:(3707) 40-71-24
Address: Kaunas, Lithuania, 3000
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