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Type of act.: 
club 'AGAT', NGO: 1) Study of radioecological problems of Kyrgyzstan 2) Work with youth. phone:(996)(312)218281
Address: 173-18 Toktogula St., Bishkek, Kirgizia 720001
" A TRACKWAY.NET TRAVEL DIRECTORY": International catalogue of travel companies phone:(312)
Address: Bishkek, Kirgizia
"1C:FRANCHISING URMATTUU": Services in introduction of automation trading, warehouse, bookkeeping phone:(312) 22-17-10
Address: 96 Kiyevskaya St., Bishkek, Kirgizia, 720040
"AALAM SERVICE": Fuelling complex of "Manas" airport phone:(996312) 66-49-77
Address: Bishkek, Kirgizia, 720062
"AALAM", JOINT-STOCK FUND: Financial broker phone:(312) 28-43-29
Address: 89 Shopokov St., Bishkek, Kirgizia, 720001
"AALAM-SERVICE": Automobile transportations phone:(312) 66-49-77
Address: Bishkek, Kirgizia
"ABIL", LLC: Delivery of sunflowers, walnuts, string bean phone:(312)
Address: Bishkek, Kirgizia
"ACS", CONSULTING COMPANY: Audit services,accounting services, administrative consulting, business planning phone:(312) 54-33-80
Address: 18 Kulatov St., Bishkek, Kirgizia
"ACS", CONSULTING COMPANY: Audit services, accounting services, offshore companies, business planning phone:(312) 51-03-98
Address: Of. 16, 17, Baitik Baatyr St., Bishkek, Kirgizia, 720005
"ADAL ISH", LLC: Ecology phone:(312) 23-93-72
Address: 230 Toktogula St., Bishkek, Kirgizia
"ADALY": Organization of rest phone:(312) 25-67-33
Address: Bishkek, Kirgizia
"ADVENTURE TRAVEL": Mountaineering, rafting, mountain climbing. Rest on Issyk Kul lake. phone:(312) 41-88-35
Address: Bishkek, Kirgizia
"AEROPAG PAGE": Paging company phone:(312) 66-40-60
Address: 43 Erkindik Av., Bishkek, Kirgizia, 720040
"AI-DANEK": Newspaper phone:(3312) 66-10-44
Address: 101-109 Turusbekov St., Bishkek, Kirgizia, 720033
"AI-PERI": Cafe-bar phone:(312) 21-54-61
Address: 158 Choy St., Bishkek, Kirgizia, 720001
"AIBEK": Work with needy families, people who took part in Afghanistan war. phone:(3742)
Address: Kerben, Zhalal-Abadskaya obl., Kirgizia
"AIBEKS": Travel company phone:(312) 48-58-96
Address: Bishkek, Kirgizia
"AINUR PLANT", JSC: Industrial activity. phone:(312) 43-28-91
Address: 1b Kamchatskaya St., Bishkek, Kirgizia, 720082
"AIREC", LLC: Newspaper phone:(312) 28-55-46
Address: 2 Usenbayev St., Bishkek, Kirgizia, 720021
"AIYUNTS COMPANY": Organization of rest worldwide phone:(312) 28-96-59
Address: Bishkek, Kirgizia
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