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Type of act.: 
"4+1", LLC: Tourism phone:(3741) 52-34-69
Address: 29 Sayat-Novai Av., Yerevan-1, Armenia
"A-2", LLC: Programming of intellectual systems phone:(3741) 77-06-34
Address: 2/2 Shradzhanain St., Yerevan, Armenia
"A-ART", LLC: Interior design phone:(3741) 52-39-83
Address: 5 Nalbandyan St., Yerevan, Armenia
"A.PURTOYAN", LLC: Automatic washing of automobiles phone:(3741) 57-19-99
Address: 38/3 Tigran Metsi Av., Yerevan-50, Armenia
"A.R.A. TRADING", LLC: Trading activity phone:(3741) 62-80-31
Address: 14 Safaryan St., Avan, Yerevan-101, Armenia
"A.S.D.", LLC: Visual design phone:(3741) 58-72-54
Address: Room 16, 34 Isaakyan St., Yerevan-9, Armenia
"A1+": TV company phone:(3741) 56-42-99
Address: 15 Grigor Lusavorchi St., Yerevan-15, Armenia
"AAAA", LLC: Educational and publishing centre on business accounting phone:(3741) 24-91-78
Address: 31 Karapet Ulnetsu St., Yerevan, Armenia
"AATV COMMUNICATIONS", PRIVATE COMPANY: Installation of cable lines phone:(3741) 54-54-54
Address: 15 Dekhatan St., Yerevan, Armenia
"ABEK", LLC: Intermediary in import of goods from Germany phone:(3741) 52-23-38
Address: Room 41, 25 Movses Khorenatsu St., Yerevan-10, Armenia
"ACADEMY": Rent of exhibition area phone:(3741) 52-70-40
Address: 24 Marshal Bagramyan St., Yerevan-19, Armenia
"ACOP MEGAPART": House of printing phone:(3741) 56-64-91
Address: 91 Teryan St., Yerevan-9, Armenia
"ADAMAND": Yerevan commodity and raw stock exchange phone:(3741) 56-30-51
Address: 5 Mger Mkrtchyan St., Yerevan-10, Armenia
"ADIDAS": Firm shop phone:(3741) 54-47-07
Address: 3 Arami St., Yerevan-10, Armenia
"ADIGAS": Rest home phone:(37423) 52-3-90
Address: Tsahkadzor, Armenia
"ADVANCED ENGINEERING ASSOCIATES INTERNATIONAL INC.": Researches in field of renewable energy sources phone:(3741) 58-56-86
Address: 16 Kondi St., Yerevan-2, Armenia
"AEROEX", LLC: Aviation agency phone:(3741) 54-41-70
Address: 3 Koryuni St., Yerevan-25, Armenia
"AEROSTAR", LLC: Intermediary in insurance phone:(3741) 58-94-48
Address: 59/18 Teryan St., Yerevan-2, Armenia
"AFC": Audit of budgetary organizations phone:(3741) 58-61-30
Address: 17 Grigor Lusavorchi St., Yerevan, Armenia
"Agricultural Support Republican Center": Consulting and information services phone:(3741) 23-21-02
Address: 39a Mamikonyants St., Yerevan-51, Armenia
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