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"AVIS RENT A CAR": Rent of Tofas, Ford, Peugeot, Volkswagen automobiles phone:(99412) 97-54-55
Address: 13 Samed Vurgun St., Baku, Azerbaijan
"AVIS RENT A CAR" (SET AUTO LTD.): Rent of automobiles phone:(994-12) 97-54-55
Address: Block 528, Gusein Dzhavid St., Baku, Azerbaijan
"AYDIN": Sale and installation of protective venetian blind, windows and doors made of aluminium, plastics an phone:(994-12) 64-50-05
Address: 57 Academician Gasan Aliyev St., Baku, Azerbaijan, 370000
"AYPARA-DANCE CLUB": Sport dances phone:(12) 67-69-75
Address: Baku, Azerbaijan
"AZADINFORM NEWS AGENCY": Publishing house phone:(99412) 98-48-59
Address: Baku, Azerbaijan
"AZALBANK": Joint Commercial Bank phone:(994-12) 98-97-01
Address: 86 Nizamy St., Baku, Azerbaijan
"AZALTASH": Production of aluminium structures phone:(12) 47-99-07
Address: Block 2078, Darnagyul Settl., Baku, Azerbaijan, 370029
"AZCAR": Realization of "KIA Motors" company production phone:(99412) 47-40-60
Address: 30 Inshaatchylar Av., Baku, Azerbaijan
"AZECOCONSULTING": Development of business plans, realization of marketing researches, consulting phone:(99412) 47-07-16
Address: Of. 63/64 "Khayat" trade centre, 31/03, K.Marx Av., Baku, Azerbaijan, 370108
"AZECOCONSULTING": Business consultations, development of business plans phone:(12) 47-07-16
Address: 3-21 K.Marx Av., Baku, Azerbaijan, 370108
"AZEL": Trade of computers and electronic goods phone:(99412) 97-30-44
Address: 65 Fizuly St., Baku, Azerbaijan
"AZER-ASIA": Insurance company phone:(99412) 922504
Address: Baku, Azerbaijan
"AZERBAIJAN AND RUSSIA LLC": Educational centre "XXI CENTURY" phone:(99412) 33-01-61
Address: 30 Stroiteley Av., Baku, Azerbaijan, 370065
"AZERBAIJAN CENTRE OF BIRDS PROTECTION": Azerbaijan Ornithological Society phone:-99412
Address: 504, 1128 Av., Baku, Azerbaijan, 370073
"AZERBAIJAN COMMUNICATIONS": Communication phone:(994-12) 93-14-44
Address: 10 Rashid Beibutov St., Baku, Azerbaijan
"AZERBAIJAN FOOTBALL FEDERATIONS ASSOCIATION": Sports organization phone:(99412) 944916
Address: Baku, Azerbaijan
"AZERBAIJAN KHAVA YOLLARY": Air transportation. phone:(994-12) 97-28-52
Address: 11 Azadlyg Av., Baku, Azerbaijan
"AZERBAIJAN": Sale of foodstuff phone:(994-12)
Address: 146A Sharif-zade St., Baku, Azerbaijan
"AZERBAIJAN" CINEMA: Cinema phone:(12) 97-44-61
Address: 8 Aziz Aliyev St., Baku, Azerbaijan
"AZERCELL TELECOM": Communication phone:(994-12) 90-52-52
Address: 61A Tbilisi Av., Baku, Azerbaijan
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