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Name of enterprise:  
Activity fields:  
Telephones to contact:  
Mail address:  
Individual Identification Num.:  
Additional information:  
Person to contact:  
System entry name:  
System entry password:  
  • All lines defined are necessary to fill in!
  • "City" - select your city, if no in the list, your regional centre;
  • "Section" - select an appropriate category;
  • "Name" - full title of organization, enterprise;
  • "Activity fields" - ex.: Advertising;
  • "Telephone to contact" - ex.:(8432)341472, (8432)341463. Use commas while enumerating;
  • "Fax" - only one number, ex.: (8432)341286
  • "e-mail" - ex.:;
  • "Postal address" - ex.: 1, Daurskaya St., Kazan, Tatarstan Rep., Russia, 420087;
  • "IIN" - is used both for your enterprise search and for error entries correction;
  • "Additional information" - (up to 300 symbols) more detailed information about your enterprise;
  • "System entry name" - in Latin letters, no space between;
  • "Password" - in Latin letters, no space between;
  • After registration by E-mail you receive a notice of your information insertion into the database "Yellow Pages".
  • Monthly you will receive an electronic message containing the information registered by you.
  • In case the received information is obsolete you can renew it by the following ways:
     1) Enter the section "For participants" under your name, password, E-mail address and edit the data;
     2) Delete the old information kept in "Yellow Pages" under your name and password and register new information.
  • For the information provided by clients the site administration does not bear any responsibility!

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