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Russian Information Network
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UDDI - Yellow pages Rambler's Top100
"WEB SERVICES": Internet services phone:(359)88316833
Address: Rousse 7020 Bulgaria
BB, Ltd.: Business phone:(395) 9556218
Address: 128 Tsar Boris III Blvd., Sofia 1618, Bulgaria
UNIVERSITY OF MINING AND GEOLOGY, DEPT. COMPUTER S: Custom programming, systems and Internet security, programming, network administration phone:(+359) 262581
Address: Studentski Grad, Sofia, Bulgaria, 1700
ELDOM INVEST LTD: Boilers phone:(359) 52 448095
Address: 275 A, Vladislav Varnenchik blvd., Varna, Bulgaria
Bargo EM: Sale of wine, vodka, spirits, canned & frozen foodstuffs, juices, sweetes and biscuits phone:(+359) 2 962 45 49
Address: 1 Bulgaria Sq., NDK, NOF 1, Sofia, Bulgaria
NAGENA-travel company: Travel company phone:(+359) 52 35 61 01
Address: Varna, Bulgaria, 9000
BIMEX LIMITED, Ltd.: Abrasive materials phone:(395) 9630064
Address: Fl. 2, 30, Krum Popov St., Sofia 1421, Bulgaria
TEKOM-3 LTD: Telecommunication Equipment & Systems phone:(359) 7233104
Address: 7, 17 Noemvri Str., Ap.20, Botevgrad-2140, Bulgaria
ISOMATIC: Transformers phone:(359) 2 77 45 96
Address: 4, Universiada Blvd., Sofia 1797, Bulgaria
MADARA JS CO: Trucks Parts & Supplies phone:(359) 54 63473
Address: 9700 Shumen, Industrial Zone, 1, Madara Blv. Bulgaria
ITEMA-PG: Computer/Peripherals/Accessories phone:(359) 2 9753472
Address: Mladost 1 A, bl.525/5,1729 Sofia, Bulgaria
ELKO COMPUTER LTD: Copying Machines and Accessories phone:(359) 2 9460247
Address: 169 Evlogy Georgiev Blvd.,1504 Sofia, Bulgaria
HOLY PILANA LTD: Precision Tooling phone:(359) 301 2 33 62
Address: Smolian, Han Asparuh str. ?4, Bulgaria
LINKS - MARKET, MEDIA & OPINION RESEARCH AGENCY: Marketing Development phone:+359-2-980.5553
Address: 1000 Sofia 5 Angel Kanchev Str., Bulgaria
BBSS PLC: Marketing Development phone:+359-2-986.6149
Address: 1000 Sofia 18 Graf Ignatiev Street, Bulgaria
MEMRB BULGARIA: Marketing Development phone:+359-2-980.0453
Address: 1000 Sofia 3, Khan Krum Str., 3rd floor, Bulgaria
MARKET TEST (R) LTD: Marketing Development phone:+359-2-988.2779
Address: 1000 Sofia 6 Septemvri St. No 4, Bulgaria
Address: 1421 Sofia 7 Milin Kamak Street, Bulgaria
GFK BULGARIA: Marketing Development phone:+359-2-981.2345
Address: 1000 Sofia 26 Denkoglu Str., Bulgaria
MBMD RESEARCH INSTITUTE FOR MARKETING AND RESEARCH: Marketing Development phone:+359-2-946.1183
Address: 1504 Sofia 1 Tchamkorya Str., Bulgaria
MAP MARKETING RESEARCH LTD: Marketing Development phone:+359-2-988.7705
Address: 1142 Sofia 75 Evlogi Georgiev Blvd. Floor1, ap. 4, Bulgaria
VITOSHA RESEARCH: Marketing Development phone:+359-2-971.3000
Address: 1 Lazar Stanev Street Sofia 1113, Bulgaria
CastingArea: Metalcasting information phone:(359) 2 965 3709
Address: Sofia, Bulgaria
Euroimpex Ltd: Export of goods to CIS countries phone:(+359) 87 753566
Address: Sofia, Bulgaria
ZIKO Ltd: Air fresheners for car, home and office phone:(+359) 56843941
Address: 2 Kraimorska str. kv. Pobeda, Burgas, Bulgaria
EDM - ABRASIVES: Production phone:(3592) 9712996
Address: Hemus str, bl.45-51, Bx.G, ap.65 - 1111 Sofia - BULGARIA
INTERNATIONAL DIAMOND TECHNOLOGY, Ltd.: Abrasive materials phone:(359) 9622889
Address: 43 Cherni vrah Blvd., Sofia 1407, Bulgaria
SAINT - GOBAIN DAIMOND PRODUCTS, S.A.: Abrasive materials phone:(359) 730525
Address: 14 Latinka St., Sofia 1113, Bulgaria
ACCOMODATION'S OFFICE MARKELA: Real estate phone:(359) 9804925
Address: Off. 103, Fl. 1, 35 Ekzarh Yosif St., Sofia 1000, Bulgaria
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