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"BALTREIL" JSC: Representative of Transreil, charter agent of Russian railroad phone:(3726) 27-25-46
Address: 1-17 Gonsiori St., Tallinn, Estonia, EE0001
"BI-INFO": Information exchange phone:(6) 27-27-77
Address: Tallinn, Estonia, 10150
"EESTI TEXTILE", JSC: Fabric and domestic textile phone:(372) 656-37-28
Address: Tallinn, Estonia, 12915
"ESTREFTRANSSERVICE" JSC: International railroad and motor transportations phone:(3727) 66-11-77
Address: 4 Yaama St., Valga, Estonia, E68204
"GOD FOR US" RADIO: Broadcasting phone:(37207)
Address: 8 Annemyiza St., Tartu, Estonia, 50708
"INCOMPLECT" JSC: Woodworking phone:(37233) 70-5-71
Address: 85a Rakvere St., Jokhvi, Estonia, 41531
"INTECHNOS LTD" CANADIAN COMPANY: Sale of building and finishing materials from manufacturers of Canada phone:(3722)
Address: Tallinn, Estonia
"LEX" INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF SOCIAL SCIENCES: Higher Educational Institution phone:(372) 641-20-48
Address: Tallinn, Estonia
"LEX" INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF SOCIAL SCIENCES: Higher education without awarding of academic degree phone:(6) 12-94-42
Address: Tallinn, Estonia
"MELKERSON", LLC: Powder wire for arc welding of German and Japanese manufacture phone:(372) 730-31-30
Address: Tartu, Estonia
"NORDSTELLA": Tourist agency phone:(372) 644 44 56
Address: Tallinn, Estonia
"PTM" JSC: Customs warehouse in Tallinn, motor transport, railroad transportation, logistic phone:(372)
Address: 41 Palyasaare St., Tallinn, Estonia, 10313
'AMMENDE VILLA HOTEL': Hotels, conference, banquets, dinnerparties phone:(372) 447-38-89
Address: Parnu, Estonia, 80010
'ESMAFIX', OU: Construction firm phone:(+372) 661-61-30
Address: Heina 33,Tallinn, Estonia,10319
'INFLOT SHIPPING AGENCY': Sea transportations phone:(372) 660-59-39
Address: Tallinn, Estonia
'Ingri AS': Publishing phone:(372) 6311034
Address: Vaike-Ameerika 8-206 10129 Tallinn
'LASVET PATENDIBUROO': Services in the field of Intellectual Property phone:+(372) 640-66-00
Address: Tallinn, Estonia, 10133
3M EESTI FILIAAL: Electronic equipment and components phone:(3722) 611-59-00
Address: Tallinn, Estonia
A & U MAJANDUSTARKVARA OU PC EXPERT, MAX & MODEM: Trade of computers phone:(3727) 40-99-99
Address: Tartu, Estonia
A&G TOITLUSTUSE AS: Restaurant phone:(372) 6 272 414
Address: Tallinn, Estonia
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