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ADHD STICHTING: Information phone:(31)616818576
Address: Parallelweg 5, NL 5431 CA, CUIJK, Netherlands
ALGEMEEN NIJMEEGS STUDENTENBLAD: University phone:+31-24-3612176
Address: Thomas van Aquinostraat 5, Nijmegen, NL-6525 GD, Netherlands
ANTIQUE-S-HOPPER: Miscellaneous phone:+31-24-3540883
Address: Plutostraat 40, 40130, , Nijmegen, NL-6504 AC, Netherlands
ARNOLD PHIJFFER B.V: Transport phone:+31-24-3775610
Address: Oude Haven 47, Nijmegen, NL-6511 XE, Netherlands
AT COMPUTING BV: Computers phone:+31-24-3527252
Address: Toernooiveld 104, 1428, , Nijmegen, NL-6501 BK, Netherlands
AUDIO MUZIEK PRODUKTIES VOF: Video phone:+31-24-3227870
Address: Buys Ballotstraat 15, Nijmegen, NL-6533 ML, Netherlands
Bed & Breakfast MESDAG: Bed & Breakfast phone:(31)243604206
Address: Mesdagstraat 45, Nijmegen, NL-6521 MN, Netherlands
BEMIDDELINGSBEDRIJF BOSMA: Insurance phone:+31-24-3786112
Address: Aldenhof 8660, Nijmegen, NL-6537 CK, Netherlands
BEN TROVATO / DETUINSHOP.NL: DIY phone:+31-24-3735622
Address: Joubertstraat 140, Nijmegen, NL-6543 NZ, Netherlands
BOSJUWEEL: Volunteer work phone:+31-24-3776086
Address: Koopvaardijweg 3, Nijmegen, NL-6541 BR, Netherlands
BULLFROG BLUES MACHINE: Bands phone:+31-6-21548622
Address: H.Dunantstraat 10, Nijmegen, NL-6543 KR, Netherlands
CAFETARIA RIKKEN: Miscellaneous phone:+31-24-3971037
Address: Bredeweg 56, Groesbeek, NL-6562 DG, Netherlands
CODEX COMMUNICATIE: Communication phone:+31-24-3244307
Address: Oranjesingel 8, 31206, , Nijmegen, NL-6503 CE, Netherlands
EUROPESE STICHTING JORIS IVENS: Paper and photo archive of documentarist Joris Ivens (1898-1989) phone:(00)31 (0)24 3888774
Address: 606, NL-6500 AP Nijmegen, The Netherlands
GALERIE MICHAL: Artists phone:+31-62-2784508
Address: Nieuwstraat 45, Nijmegen, NL-6571 BC, Netherlands
Address: Staringstraat 1, Nijmegen, NL-6511 PC, Netherlands
IP COMPUTER TRAINING CENTRUM NIJMEGEN: Computers phone:+31-24-3296662
Address: Plein 1944 no. 73, Nijmegen, NL-6511 JE, Netherlands
IPZO: Therapy phone:+31-24-3528834
Address: Toernooiveld 100, 31070, , Nijmegen, NL-6503 CB, Netherlands
JURISTENADVIES WILLEMSEN & KINRAN: Miscellaneous phone:+31-24-8441002
Address: Nijmegen, 6635, , Nijmegen, NL-6503 GC, Netherlands
KERSJES P.A.-VERHUUR: Rental of Electro Voice P.A. phone:+31(24)6777748
Address: Fazantlaan 38,6641 XX, Beuningen, Netherlands
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